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Galveston Pary Boats Charters

If you plan on going on a vacation in Galveston, Texas and like being on the water and fishing, an excellent way to do both is on a Party Fishing Boat. Even if you have never fished before you can have a great time on one of this 4-hour fishing trips. Most are between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM but some boats do have an evening schedule too.

The average going price for a Galveston Party Boats trip is $25 – $35 and includes everything you need from fishing rod to bait. Some boats hold up to 50 people and have bathrooms and air-conditioned areas to get out of the sun if you want a break. You can catch Sharks, Red Drum, Black Drum, Trout, Whiting, and Cat Fish. All underneath a clear and sunny TEXAS SKY

There are plenty of crew members to assist in every aspect of fishing and will help you land any fish. Depending on the number of people on the trip, it can get a little crazy when they find a large group of fish and everyone is catching. Not everyone may catch a fish but there is usually a lot of action so you do have a good chance and it’s also fun watching others.The GALVESTON PARTY BOATS CHARTER

Make the Most out of a Galveston Party boats Tour

Most Galveston Party Boats travel out into Galveston Bay TEXAS and the Jetty’s area so there is some riding time, and if they go out to open water, it could take up to an hour to get out where the fish are hanging out. To me, that’s part of the fun and the view of the ocean, other ships, and shore is high.

The boats cruise out for up to an hour to the first stop and if people start catching they stay until it slows down or stops. Then they move to another location and do the same. Most four hour trips make at least 3-4 stops to fish for up to a couple of hours of actual fishing. When you catch a fish, the crew will come and get it and mark it as your fish. At the end of the trip, they clean the fish for you and give it to your in plastic bags. There are evgalveston-fishing-chartersen some restaurants that will cook it for you, just ask a crew member and he’ll make you the names.

There are several Galveston Party Boats at Pier 19 across from Harborside Drive. You can find the Galveston Port at 51st Street and Harborside Drive and go east for about 3 miles to find Pier 19. It’s a scenic drive and if you go around 1:00 PM you can see the Party Boats come back in and check out the fish caught and watched the crews clean the fish that were caught that trip. You can also talk to the people who just returned and got an idea of which boat you may like to give a shot. Go to for more info.

The ride is entirely dependent on the weather and activity of the waves. It can get rough at the drop of a hat due to changing conditions. If you have never been out on a boat before, take some Dramamine (or the generic) just in case if you have any concerns about motion sickness. If you prefer a natural remedy, ginger is found to be useful for many people. Most Galveston Party Boats have refreshments and snacks available onboard too.

Even if it’s not hot or overcast, you probably want to use some sunscreen since you will be in open areas for much of the time. You can get a pretty good sunburn even on an overcast and chilly day being out in the sun for 4 hours or more. Better safe than sorry and you don’t want to ruin your vacation with a bad sunburn.

Visit Galveston Texas Island for a Wonderful Experience

Even if you decide not to go on a fishing trip, Pier 19 is a fun place to visit. Looking at all the fishing boats and seeing all people is worth the time and effort. And the Galveston Texas Port offers a lot of things to see too. Watching all the boats come and go, the offloading of cargo and people, and seeing a major Sea Port in action is fun. And the price is right for just looking around, free. You can also visit

Party Boats can be fun just because you get out on the water and see more of the area. The fishing is fun and catching is, even more, fun. And the cost is reasonable for a half day activity. Just seeing the Galveston Island area from a boat and meeting other people can be worth the trip. And you might even catch lunch or dinner.

I am not a dynamic angle; I do it when I can and primarily for the children. Probably I get a kick out of the chance to go angling, just don’t have room schedule-wise or expertise, even cash.

I took the Galveston Party water crafts a couple of years back, and I need to say I actually appreciated it. The children had a blast,,, three terrible parts I don’t care for about the gathering water crafts…

1. Individuals ought not to be permitted on the pontoon on the off chance that they don’t have a permit! It’s the law! Numerous individuals did not have licenses, and they got fish, the great part, I got the chance to take them home.

2. It’s extremely swarmed and individuals get their lines tangled constantly, they continued battling each other supposing they had a fish.

3. At last,,, it’s hot, go when it’s cooler,,, with the warmth and waves,,, well let’s say the fish ate great.

Our Staff on a Party Boat is here to serve

The staff was awesome, they kept control of the general population, looked for wellbeing issues, and helped the children. They would converse with you if you were debilitated and would bail you out in any capacity. I was making the most of their assistance and need to do a reversal. In any case, they party pontoons are constantly stuffed, you have to arrange ahead of time. The cost for a grown-up is $25 and for child $20. I would likewise prescribe a weekday as opposed to a weekend.

Few side notes…. take a cooler, you will require it for the fish you get. Ensure you get a bull drum label,,, you will need that to keep the fish, make sure to purchase only a bull tag for children and not a complete permit. We had 4, and we took home four drums.

When you get off the pontoon, there are a couple of folks who charge to clean and gut your fish. If you know how and realize what you are doing, you don’t need them. I don’t need to disturb the chaos, so I contacted them. I think I paid $24 for four drums, a couple of trout, and a couple of sharks.

Above all else simply go out and have a ton of fun, don’t hope to catch fish, however, you never know.