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When it comes to finding reviews on the salons based in Houston, most people would go to Google and type a search on impulse. However, there is a better way to find reviews on the salons in Houston. Just go to Yelp.com

What is Yelp? It is a directory-type website where you can search for local establishments. You can find almost anything there – from local plumbers to, yes, local salons. While you can instantly find the names of local professionals and establishments and their addresses and contact numbers, this is not what makes the website special. What makes the website special is the fact that you can read reviews and star ratings from the different customers.

If you type in “salons Houston” in the search bar of Yelp, you will find ten salons there. The top-rated salon is Its about Hair. It is at the top for a very good reason. It has an average star rating of five out of five based on 40 reviews. That’s a very good rating especially for a local business.

If you want to get more details on the different and very best salons in Houston, go ahead and do a search on Yelp. You will find where the salons are on the map that sits on the right-hand side of the website.

Websites like Yelp.com have definitely made it easier for anyone to find a very good local business to do things for them.

When it comes to Houston-based salons, you will find that many of the local companies that come up in the search results are not pure salons. Some are day spas and skin care centers. In fact, only four out of ten in the search results are real  Houston salons. But this is not something to be upset as four is quite a number when it comes to choosing which salon to go to.

Before you go out to any of Houstons best hair salons, make it a point to read the reviews to get a feel for how good the customer service is. There will be some negative reviews and it’s up to you to determine if the bad review is warranted and is something you need to worry about. Sometimes, a customer is just being a pain in the ass when posting a negative review (or trolling), so you really need to be careful.